Hometown: Perkasie, PA
Currently Resides: Long Beach, CA
Skating since: an entire lifetime

Also known as Estro-Jen, Michelle Steilen is a co-founder of Lazo and roller skate industry ambassador and leader. Michelle started skating at a roller rink as a kid and never stopped. She describes her style as “femme, fast, and furious,” and she brings that style to every terrain she skates whether it’s street, parks, bowls, vert, the track, or the rink.

Prior to Lazo, Michelle co-founded Long Beach Roller Derby and later went on to start Moxi Roller Skates, one of the pioneer roller skate brands. Through skating, she has traveled the world, performed as a Hollywood stunt double, released multiple video parts, and is one of the biggest cheerleaders and most recognized members of the roller skate community. 

“The way that we walk through the world, the spaces in between leaving and arriving, those matter. You can take a regular old, normal, shit-ass day and make it incredibly fun, full of zest, lust for life, just by the shoes you choose to put on that day. Those shoes start the whole outfit and adventure. Expanding, to think that so many people are afraid of falling, or getting hurt, is pretty maddening when all it takes is a simple choice to live a more fulfilling life. Even if it is your own personal delusion, who cares? Only what we feel personally about our lives matters anyway. I hope more people are encouraged to live more expressively on their own terms.” —Estro-Jen