Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Current Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Skating Since: 2015

Barbie is widely known as a global ambassador for roller skating who brings her smile and inimitable style to every place she visits. Originally from Argentina, Barbie spends much of her time in the skate mecca of Barcelona, Spain, where she honed her skills and developed her signature flowing style inspired from the skateboarders around her, creating street tricks before street skating was even a thing.

Barbie has a contagious passion for skating that is on full display in the many videos she’s made over the years, whether it was filmed for Chaya, or Lazo, or on the streets of her native Argentina, she always kills it.

“I love my country, but I wish I could choose the little things that I like from every country that I’ve visited and create a new world. My perfect world would be like: meat, wine, and family from Argentina; pasta from Italy; chocolates from Switzerland; beer from Germany; skate spots and friends from Spain; guaranteed fun in Los Angeles… I need to be traveling.” —Barbie