Hometown: Manhattan, IL
Currently Resides: Chicago, IL
Skating Since: 2013

Karli is one of the earliest pioneers of street skating. She has a very clinical approach to the way she skates—very clean, very precise—and she likes big obstacles, especially ledges and gaps. 

Her passion led to making videos, eventually producing Street Fighters, the first full-length video devoted to street skating. She went on and founded Fantom, a company devoted entirely to promoting street skating through video, skate apparel, and accessories. Through Fantom, Karli has released over a dozen video projects with more media on the way.

“Oh, I got a lot of weird shit. One is an antique washing station. Are you familiar with these? It's basically a little wooden structure that has a porcelain bowl and a porcelain pitcher underneath the bowl. Before they had electricity and running water, you would fill up the pitcher with water and then there are two spots for candles so you would have some light to wash your hands. So I have that right when you walk in my house. I just find it so interesting that it tells a story of how people used to live, you know? Another interesting thing that I have is my dead bug collection. Because I really like bugs very, very much. If I started my life over and skating wasn't a thing, I would probably study—how do you say it—entomology? I fucking love bugs.” —Karli